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GOODify your SURVEYS  for $100

If you are like most nonprofits, you ask people questions- intake forms, pre-post surveys, customer satisfaction questionnaires, and so on. And, if you are like most nonprofits, your survey or form could use a good going over by a pro to help you get the most out of it. To learn more about how I can help you make a big impact on how you already measure your impact, click here.

    GOOD data PLAN for $300 or less

    If you don't already have a data collection plan in place, then we can create one! This process takes around 10 hours and I charge a standard hourly rate of $30/hour. We will work together to figure out what your needs and goals are and custom fit a plan for you. Call 678-227-8829 to find out more!


    logic models

    Theories of Change and Logic Models go a long ways to help us understand what outcomes it is you need to be measuring and how to measure them. This logic model is for the recently-launched GreenToGo program from Don't Waste Durham.


    survey instruments

    My specialty is survey methods, which is a good thing. Often times, this is the point where good data goes bad. I haven't met a survey, questionnaire, or intake form written by a non-profit I couldn't improve.

    Here, not only do we have to ask the right questions, but we also have to ask them the right way. This means both getting the wording correct and having sound sampling methods. I can help you write web-based surveys as well as develop paper forms. This example is from a post-survey used to evaluate TAPSNC's group-based parenting program.



    You are constantly competing for resources and often need to convey your value to others in a compelling way. I can help you take your evaluation results from numbers and words to meaningful visual presentation. All I need is the data to analyze so that we can design an honest report of the value you create in the world today. The accompanying report is from Durham Arts Council's Creative Arts in Public & Private Schools program (permission pending).


    What I Do

    As The GOOD Evaluator, my job is to help your organization evaluate the good that it does so that you can do more of it. The core of my approach is to help you develop your theory of change, build a solid logic model, and then establish the best data collection methods to meet your needs. Once you have collected good data, we can then come back together and do some good data analysis to formulate good insights. You can then take the work we do together to your board, funders, and constituents to not just tell them about the good work you have already done, but also tell them how you plan to do better.